Somalia: Airstrike kills ‘two al-Shabaab commanders’

Published: July 16, 2015

Somalia: Airstrike kills ‘two al-Shabaab commanders’Two al-Shabaab senior commanders were killed in a foreign airstrike in South-western Somalia early on Thursday, local officials said.
According to reports, the airstrike carried out by drones took place in the outskirts of Bardheere city, which is some 400 km west of Mogadishu and capital of Gedo region.
One security official who has refused to be named confirmed that at least two key commanders were killed in the airstrike, identifying their names as Ismael Jamhad and Jama Dheere.
Al-Shabaab which is loyal to al-Qaeda has not issued a statement concerning the latest strikes.
It is yet unclear whether there are civilian casualties and the origin of the unmanned aircraft that carried out the missile attack. But in the past, the U.S military has carried out a series of drone missile strikes targeting al-Shabaab members.
In September last year, U.S drones killed former al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane and other senior officials of the group.
Bardheere which has been a major stronghold for al-Shabaab in the past five years seems the militants will lose its controls after the Ethiopian troops with Somali pro-government militias launched an operation to retake it last week.
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