Somalia: Baidoa children go to school as security improves

Published: February 24, 2015

Baidoa children go to school as security improvesThere has been a rie in the number of children attending schools in Baidoa district, according to education officials.
There are now 10,540 students including 4,000 girls enrolled at public and private schools.
Bay region’s education chairman Maadey Sidow attributed the rise from last year’s 8,000 students to the improving security situation.
He said Baidoa town had 10 government schools and another 10 privately owned institutions, including primary, intermediate and secondary. In total there were 60 schools in the regions.
However, Hussein Mohamed Ahmed, a teacher in Baidoa, said despite the rise in student enrollment, teachers faced many challenges including low salaries, disorganized curriculums and lack of teacher training.
Sahra Abukar Adan, 19, who attends the Baidoa Model High School, told Radio Ergo she was happy that the number of students increased.
“I will have new friends. I advise my peers, particularly girls, to work hard in education,” she said.
Some of the local residents welcomed the increase of young people joining education institutions.
They urged the local administration to improve the education sector and build schools in all areas in the region in order to encourage youths to study rather than become involved in anti-social activities.

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