Somalia cabinet holds emergency meeting after deadly terror attacks

Published: February 29, 2016

Somalia cabinet Somalia’s Federal cabinet hold an emergency security meeting on Sunday night following two al-Shabaab deadly attacks in Southern Somalia that led to the death of dozens of civilians.
The meeting was chaired by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud hours after arriving from a long-week abroad trip.
Police and Military chiefs attended the meeting which mainly emphasized on the al-Shabaab suicide attacks in Mogadishu and Southwestern city of Baidoa.
Addressing Journalists after the emergency meeting, Minister of Information Mohamed Abdi Hayir stressed that the government will take firm actions against the al-Shabaab militants.
He called for the nation to cooperate on the elimination of the group which has increased attacks on soft targets in recent months.
In the space of two days, al-Shabaab has launched two spectacular attacks in popular gatherings. At least 55 people died in both of the attacks which has raised many questions on the work of the security agencies.
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