Somalia calls on Kenya to halt airstrikes against civilians

Published: February 1, 2016

Somalia calls on Kenya to halt airstrikes against civiliansSomalia’s Federal government has for the first time issued a statement on the recent aerial bombardment of villages in the South-western part of the country by the Kenya military planes that claimed the lives of dozens of civilians.
Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke said that the government ordered Kenya to stop the strikes and will dispatch a government-led committee to carryout investigations.
‘’We have talked to Kenya to halt the strikes and formed a fact-finding committee to visit the areas bombarded soon.’’
Last week, the country’s Federal Parliament summoned Mr Sharmarke to appear before it in order to answer question on the Kenya airstrikes.
Hundreds of families have been forced to leave their houses in El Adde village and surrounding areas to escape airstrikes.
Kenyan officials have said that the targets of the airstrikes are the hideouts of al-Shabaab militants. But local administration and elders say airstrikes struck civilian homes and fields.
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