Somalia cancels Mogadishu–Hargeisa flights

Published: February 1, 2016

Somalia director of immigration Mr Gafow
Somalia director of immigration Mr Gafow

Somalia’s Federal government has ordered all airlines operating between Mogadishu – Hargeisa route to halt their flights, as tensions between the Federal government and breakaway region of Somaliland grows, Horseed Media reports.
According to a directive from Somalia’s head of Immigration and Naturalization chief, Abdullahi Gafow Mohamud seen by Horseed Media, all domestic flights have been ordered to temporarily stop operations starting from 22nd February.
In the directive sent to all airlines agencies, Mr Gafow stated that decision is due to a recent announcement from the breakaway region of Somaliland, which its officials revealed that they will deport all Somalis not hailing from its region.
Somaliland Minister of Interior Ali Waranadde said in an interview that all Somalis and other foreigners living in the breakaway region must obtain visas and work permits or will face deportation.
‘’We would like to inform all airlines that all flights to Hargeisa have been stopped from 22/02/2016 due to security reasons,’’ read the letter.
Somaliland unilaterally declared independence in 1991 when Somalia’s central government in Mogadishu collapsed. It has not been formally recognized by any country or international body in the world, all of which consider Somaliland an autonomous region within Somalia.
Somalia wants Somaliland to be part of a united country. The international community is urging the sides to find a negotiated solution.
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