Somalia Commemorates International Women’s day

Published: March 8, 2015

Somalia Commemorates International Women’s daySomalia Commemorates International Women’s day
Somalia joined the rest of the world on Sunday to mark the international day for women, which it recognizes in its calendar.
The Occasion was celebrated across the country with government top leaders attending and delivering speeches acknowledging the role of the women in the society.
In Mogadishu, where the biggest ceremony was held, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud gathered with hundreds of Somali women in the streets.
While speaking to the crowd, he said the Somali women were the backbones of the society and have gone through hardships ever since the collapse of the Central government in 1991.
‘’As President, I am committed to ensuring that we tackle barriers that may prevent women’s rights being discussed, committed to and adhered to. There is much more that we must work together to make possible for women in Somalia. There must be no barrier to women’s engagement with society; their voices being heard in public, and in private. As our institutions develop we must ensure that there is no obstacle to women being engaged in both in civic service and in public life. Importantly, education must be fully accessible across Somalia, so that our daughters have the same opportunities to learn as their brothers,’’ he said.
The day is celebrated worldwide and women use it to assess themselves, look for where loopholes are; which ought to be mitigated to break the cycle of men domination and oppression. It is during this day that women express their views in some areas of concern, such as; rape, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and other oppressive issues.
For decades, Somalia women have been living in different tough conditions facing abuses such as sexual violence.
Recently, Somalia’s Minister for women affairs and human rights vowed to take major steps on abuses against women and will not tolerate on them going on.
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