Somalia confirms Plane explosion was an ‘act of terror’

Published: February 6, 2016

Somalia confirms Plane explosion was an 'act of terror'Somalia’s Federal government officials have for the first time admitted that the recent Plane Passenger incident was caused by a bomb, Horseed Media reports.

Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation Ali Jama Jangeli dismissed that the blast heard in the Daallo Airlines planes last week was caused by a technical problem.

‘’Following investigations carried out by Somali and International experts, we have learnt that the blast occurred in Daallo airlines plane wasn’t caused by a technical faul. It was a bomb,’’ he said in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

Mr Jangeli added that the goal of the perpertrators was to kill all the passengers on board. The minister stressed that the security of the airport will be tightened with the introduction of new measures.

The Minister did not point out to any group behind the incident, but confirmed that several suspects to have been arrested.

Moments after the Daallo airlines plane made an emergency landing in Mogadishu airport, Somali officials strongly claimed that the blast that forced the plane to turn back was only due to technical problem.

International experts, including a team from the FBI have joined the investigations carried out in the Somali capital.

One person, thought to be behind the explosion died after falling off from the plane and two others left injured.

Horseed Media

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