Somalia: Dangerous Cholera outbreak hits Dadaab Refugee camp Kenya

Published: December 26, 2015

Dadaab Refugee campAt least 800 people are receiving medical treatment from a dangerous cholera outbreak at the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya, according to a health worker.
Aid organizations are scrambling to intervene to help those already sick and to prevent the epidemic from spreading further.
‘’ The situation here is worrisome. The number of cases is growing fast and we need more support,’’ said a medic at the camp.
Cholera is a diseased caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae. It is transmitted through water, and outbreaks result from conditions of poor sanitation affecting drinking water and water used to prepare food.
Symptoms include vomiting and extreme diarrhea which in turn causes rapid dehydration of the body, resulting in organ failure, the immediate cause of death.
Dadaab refugee camp close to the Somalia-Kenya border is the world’s largest camp, sheltering around 500,000 Somali refugees who fled civil war in their country.
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