Somalia ‘determined’ to improve on human rights situation

Published: March 4, 2015

Somali News
Somalia’s minister of Human Rights and Women Affairs(R) meets with officials from the United Nations

Somalia’s Federal government has said that it will work on to improve human rights situations in the country in consultation with the relevant stakeholders including International organizations and donors.
For many years, Somalia has had terrible human rights record with always in the list of the world’s worst countries for human rights violations.
Ministry of Women Affairs and Human Rights Sahra Mohammed Ali met with senior officials from the United Nations offices in Mogadishu to discuss on ways of developing the human rights situations in a country recovering from two decades of civil wars and lawlessness.
She said that the government is determined to work on the eliminations of human rights abuses and deal with those who violate.
The current government which came in power in 2012 has failed to tackle rights violations despite making pledges in public several times. Its human rights record has been mixed with the security forces being involved in sexual violence against women.
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