Somalia: Donors Agree to Support Puntland Government on Development Projects

Published: May 21, 2014

Somalia: Donors Agree to Support Puntland Government on Development ProjectsA key meeting between the Puntland government and international donors was held in the state’s capital on Wednesday to discuss on the semi-autonomous region’s priorities and development targets.

The meeting was attended by representatives from European Union, African Union, United Nations, World Bank, IGAD, Federal government of Somalia officials and other dignitaries.

Opening the roundtable meeting, Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas presented to the donors his government’s goals in the coming five years which were concerning on development, building of economic sector and security.

International donors affirmed their support for the government’s efforts to develop and implement its five year plan, which include combating terrorism, piracy and human trafficking.

African Union Special Representative to Somalia, who was one of the prominent names that attended the Conference called for the donors to support Puntland reach its goals of development.

“I’m encouraged by the developments in Puntland. The last elections are significant proof of positive developments and I call on all Somalis to follow the example of Puntland.” he said.

Talking to Journalists after the one-day Conference was concluded, Puntland leader Abdiweli Gaas said that the donors agreed to support his government on achieving its goals.

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