Somalia: Health workers held captive by al-Shabaab released

Published: January 9, 2016

Somalia: Health workers held captive by al-Shabaab releasedTwo Somali health workers kidnapped by al-Shabaab gunmen in Central Somalia have been released, Horseed Media reports.
The abduction of the health workers took place on the 30th of December after al-Shabaab gunmen pretending to be ordinary locals contacted them in need of emergency help.
According to reliable sources in the town of Dhusamareb, al-Shabaab released the health workers after finding them not posing threat to them.
Local elders mediated the release of both men. But al-Shabaab has not returned the ambulance they were travelling in at the time of abduction.
Al Shabaab’s attacks on aid workers and agencies’ offices have made most of southern and central Somalia inaccessible.
Horseed Media

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