Somalia hopeful of solution to Burundian crisis

Published: March 16, 2016

Somalia hopeful of solution to Burundian crisisBurundian Vice President Gaston Sindimwo paid a visit to the Somali capital, Mogadishu on Wednesday where he met President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and other government officials.
The meeting was held at the Villa Somalia Presidential Palace and both sides discussed issues of common interest.
Somali President thanked Burundi for its tireless efforts and massive support it has been giving Somalia towards gaining stability.
Mr Mohamoud said he was confident that the government and people of Burundi will find a solution to the Political crisis that emerged in the country last year following the Presidential elections, supporting President Nkurunziza’s position towards the resolution of the crisis.
Burundi’s crisis was triggered by Nkurunziza’s controversial decision in April last year to run for a third term which he went on to win in a July election.
Over 400 people have been killed, more than 240,000 have left the country and violent attacks have become a daily routine in the months since, raising fears of a return to the civil war fought between 1993-2006.
Nkurunziza has faced down an African Union threat to send peacekeepers to his country.
Burundian Vice President said that he visited the capital after an invitation from the ex-Premier two years ago.
‘’ We came here to fulfill an agreement we signed in Bujumbura on areas of defense,  economic infrastructure, education, agriculture, trade and  sharing security information
Mr Sindimwo added that both countries will cooperate on countering terrorism.
Burundi has been part of the African union peacekeepers in Somalia since 2007 and has deployed more than 3,000 troops.
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