SOMALIA: Hundreds of families flee rebel controlled areas in Juballand

Published: June 3, 2014

IDPs in Kismayo [FAO-photo-by-Frank-Nyakairu
IDPs in Kismayo [FAO-photo-by-Frank-Nyakairu

On Tuesday, hundreds of families arrive in Kismayo the capital of Jubbaland, South of Somalia.

Most of these displaced people arriving in Kismayo are from the town of Jilib (Middel Juba region), which is still controlled by the Al Qaeda linked group Al Shabab.

Rising inflation, unemployment and fear of the shelling and fighting in the area caused latest exodus from Jilib.

Two weeks ago Kenyan air force bombed Al Shabab camps in the town, there have been also several drone strikes in the area, targeting high ranking Al Shabab leaders.

Now most civilians in the town are fleeing to Kismayo the regional capital of Lower Jubba.

The local Juba Administration say the number of new arrivals at the IDP camps in Kismayo is increasing and there is so far no additional relief for these families.

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