Somalia: King Burhan holds meeting with Zulu King on the welfare of Somalis in South Africa

Published: May 24, 2015

King Burhan Musa, the 34th King of the Daarood Kingdom, one of the largest clans in the Horn of Africa hold a meeting with the Controversial Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini.

Held in Beverly Hills’ business center in Durban on Saturday evening, both sides discussed on the recent Xenophobia attacks most particularly on the well-being of the Thousands of Somali citizens in South Africa, who were also part of the foreigners attacked by the local citizens.

According to a press statement from the Daarood Kingdom office, King Zwelithini apologized on the bad treatments against Somalis in his country.

Following hours of meeting, the two kings agreed on the following points:

  • To stop the attacks on foreigners living in South Africa, particularly of Somali origins
  • Somalis living in South Africa should abide the laws and respect also the cultural norms
  • Both Somali and South African citizens should work cooperatively on peace and development
  • Somalia and South Africa kingdoms should build close relations and work on the peace & development of their people
  • To form a joint committee composed of 14 people who will work on the relations of both sides

In March, Xenophobia attacks rocketed across South Africa, and several people lost lives through unnecessary violence after the King had said in a speech ‘foreigners must pack their bags and go home’ during speech’. The attacks were condemned worldwide, mostly by African countries.

After weeks of violence, the King later on went to deny the statement and claimed that it was a ‘misinterpretation’. He called for peace and asked the South Africans to protect the foreigners.
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