Somalia lawmakers warn of another clash over new cabinet

Published: January 26, 2015

Somalia lawmakers warn another clash over new cabinetMembers of the Somali Federal Parliament have voiced out their concerns and criticized on the nominees for the new cabinet expected to be unveiled later this week.
The Somalia lawmakers unanimously on Monday threatened to not approve the new cabinet if the ministers they rejected two weeks ago appear on the list again.
”We have heard that the there are some incompetent ministers in the new Cabinet who are neither contributing to the development of the country nor to the government… if they are appointed we will definitely not give them the vote for confidence,” read a statement from the MPs which was released following their meeting.
Elsewhere, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud told journalists in his office on Monday that the new government will be of ”experienced” members and urged the nation to support in order the government to reach its goals. But he did mention whether the former ministers will be named again.
The President was not also asked nor mentioned in his press conference the statement from the MPs.
”Some of them have failed to fulfill their duties before and were involved in crimes,’’ said one of the lawmakers.
Horseed Media has learnt that President is pressuring Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid to appoint members of his party ‘’Damul-jadiid’’ in the cabinet who played a vital role in the ousting of the two former Prime Ministers following political disputes with the President. Majority of the lawmakers are against the President’s ‘’inexperienced cronies’’ to serve again in the cabinet.
Last week, the UN, IGAD, EU, AU, US and UK expressed their concerns on delays in the implementation of vision 2016 due to the political crisis. They called for the government’s institutions to reach an understanding on the cabinet appointment and not let any further delays ahead of the remaining huge tasks.
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