Somalia: Mogadishu airport officials killed in drive-by shooting

Published: February 16, 2015

Somalia Mogadishu airport officials killed in drive-by shooting Gunmen have shot dead four officials working for the Mogadishu airport, Security officials have confirmed.
The officials were killed in a drive-by shooting on Monday, which has been carried out by extremist militants. The attack took place in KM4 conjunction, which is one of the areas heavily guarded.
‘’ They [gunmen] fled from the area immediately and the police are hunting for them,’’ said a security official.
This is the second drive-by shooting of government officials in the last 24-hours carried out in Mogadishu. Yesterday, an official working with the Ministry of Planning iyo International Cooperation was shot dead similarly.
Al-Shabaab has claimed the responsibility of the attack and vowed to continue targeting government officials in the attack.
The al-Qa’ida-linked militant group has previously carried out lethal attacks against government officials, African Union peacekeepers and United Nations staff.
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