Somalia MPs call for the Speaker to resign

Published: February 8, 2015

Somalia Parliament Speaker
Somalia Parliament Speaker

Members of the Somali Federal Parliament have accused the speaker of the house Mohamed Jawari Osman of being ‘’partial’ to the government, amid of political bickering on formation of the new government.
Over 100 MPs released a statement on Sunday calling for him to step down, insisting that the speaker of being bias and not conducting his duties ‘’constitutionally” and ”neutrally’’.
‘’ We have realized that you, the President and Prime Minister jointly formed the new cabinet…. You have totally ignored the current political situation in the government institutions and neglecting of formation a unity government,” read one of the points in the statement.
One of the MPs who spoke to Horseed Media on the condition of anonymity said that the Speaker was working on the President’s interest rather than respecting the legislators’ opinions.
“We are not being allowed to speak in Parliament. We are asking for discussion on this country’s interests. There is a mentality in the government that discussion is not acceptable,’’ said one of the MPs.
The Parliament speaker Mr Jawaari was not available to comment on the allegations.
Many analysts believe that the Speaker of the Parliament of playing a role in the ousting of the country’s two former prime ministers after a disagreement with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.
The new cabinet lineup which was announced by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid last week is expected to be brought in front of the Parliament on Monday in order to seek for vote of confidence.
It is unclear whether it will be able to gain the vote for confidence from the members who twice rejected to approve. Some members of the parliament are part of the new ministries.
International community has raised concerns over the on-going political tensions which they said is a major setback on the 2016 vision to hold free and fair elections all over the country, calling the political stakeholders to immediately agree on formation of an effective government.
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