Somalia ‘not aware of’ Kenya’s wall construction on the border

Published: March 24, 2015

Somali ambassadorDespite Kenya’s announcement to construct a wall on its border with Somalia, the Federal government has said that it is not aware of the decision.
Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali Amerika has told the media that the government of Kenya has not notified the Somali government on the move.
‘’ We just heard about it from the media, Kenya has not informed our government on its decision to build the wall on the border,’’ said Mr Amerika.
He added that both countries have strong relations and provide information on mutual areas.
Kenya’s ministry of Interior revealed that it will start to construct a wall along the Mandera-Beled-hawo border, a move to fight against the terror attacks launched by the al-Shabaab militants.
According to Kenyan officials, the new move will reduce the number of entries from Somalia to the East Africa country and will enable the security forces to easily monitor the situation on the border.
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