Somalia: Over 500 people arrested in Security Sweep in Mogadishu

Published: February 10, 2015

Somalia: Over 500 people arrested in Security Sweep in MogadishuOver 500 people have been arrested in Mogadishu in a joint operation carried out by the Somali police and African Union forces, targeting individuals suspected to have links with militants.
Government forces and African Union troops raided homes and shops of suspected militants in the capital on Tuesday, said Abdulkadir Mohamed, the mayor of Hamar weyne district.
‘’ All the individuals arrested will be questioned and whoever found guilty will be taken to face justice,’’ said the mayor.
He added that the operations will continue until the security of the district is assured following recent attacks.
Security officials believe armed groups have used residential areas as bases to prepare attacks and then mingled with residents in urban areas to carry them out.
Although the extremist group al-Shabab was ousted from its bases in Mogadishu in 2011, militants continue to stage lethal attacks across the seaside city.
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