Somalia: Parliament Session ends in Chaos after Security Minister & Intelligence Chief fail to attend

Published: February 20, 2016

Somalia: Parliament Session ends in Chaos as Security Minister & Intelligence Chief fail to attendSomalia’s Federal Parliament session descended into chaos on Saturday after the country’s Security Minister and Head of Intelligence agency failed to attend the meeting, Horseed Media reports.
Minister of Internal Security Abdirisak Omar Mohamed and Head of the Intelligence agency Abdirahman Turyare were expected to discuss with the Parliament the deteriorating security situation in some parts of the country.
Deputy Speaker Mahad Abdalla Awad, who was chairing the session in the absence of the Speaker, read an excuse letter from the Security minister to the Parliament for not attending the meeting.
In the letter, the Minister said that he will be available to the Parliament in one week time.
Members of the Parliament stormed out of the Parliament in protest to the absence of the two officials.
‘’They have both failed to execute their duties and need to step down. They have shown that they have failed to address the security problems,’’ said an MP.
Last weeks, members of the Federal Parliament criticized the Internal Security minister and Intelligence chief for failing to tackle the on-going security problem mainly in the capital.
Due to insufficient time, both officials promised to attend the session of today.
Following the lido beach attack in Mogadishu last month, Somalis from all walks of life called for the resignation of the Internal Security minister.
Former mayor of Mogadishu, Mohamud Tarsan criticized the security agencies for not countering the threats of the militants which has been growing over the years.
Horseed Media

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