Somalia PM unveils new cabinet dominated by newcomers

Published: January 27, 2015

Somalia PM Omar Abdirashid
Somalia PM Omar Abdirashid

Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali has announced the lineup of a new cabinet in the country following weeks of dispute on who will populate the cabinet.
On Tuesday, Mr Sharmarke unveiled the new 20-member cabinet, which are dominated by newcomers though several of the ministers served in the previous governments.
The announcement came hours after members of the Federal Parliament warned the Prime Minister to not appoint the former ministers whom they accused of ‘’incompetence’’.
Of the 20 member-cabinet that the prime minster named today, three women have been assigned to hold Ministries of Education, Women affairs and Health.
The huge task that awaits the new government is the gaining vote for confidence from the country’s parliament. Over the past weeks, more than 100-MPs were reported to have applied for the cabinet membership but none of them appeared.
Also the government should work on reaching the 2016 vision which is to prepare for free and fair elections with a peaceful environment, a vision which analysts believe that will be ‘’impossible’’ considering the time left.
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