Somalia President approves credentials of new Norway ambassador

Published: March 18, 2015

Somalia -Norway
Somalia President (L) receives the new Norwegian ambassador’s letter of credentials.

Norway has appointed a new ambassador to Somalia, a move to re-establish the diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud on Wednesday accepted the credentials of the new ambassador Mr. Victor Conrad Rønneberg, during a ceremony held at the Presidential palace in Mogadishu.
Mr Mohamoud welcomed the appointment of the new ambassador and promised that his government will work closely with him and looking forward for enhancing the ties between both sides.
Norwegian Ambassador Mr Rønneberg said also that he was delighted with re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two sides. He pledged that his government will continue to support Somalia on its goals towards stability and development.
Diplomatic relations between Somalia and Norway was first established in July, 1960 following Somalia’s independence.
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