Somalia President flies to Germany for medical check-up

Published: February 11, 2015

Somalia President flies to Germany for medical check-upSomalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has travelled to Germany on Wednesday for emergency health issues, sources close to the President confirm.
The President is accompanied by the first lady, some family members and other close aides. He is expected to make a stopover in Turkey before he reaches final destination.
According to credible sources, the President will spend approximately a week in a German hospital to go through a medical treatment.
Though the nature of his illness has not been confirmed but Presidency sources claim it’s stress related.
President Mohamoud was supposed to close the fifth ordinary session of the Somali federal Parliament. He made a public excuse of not being able to attend.
Prior to his departure, the President paid a regional visit to the central town of Dhusamareb to set up a dialogue for different political figures who have a disagreement on forming a new state.
It is the second time the President has gone through a medical checkup in a year.
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