Somalia President vows to ‘eliminate terrorists’ after deadly attack

Published: February 20, 2015

Somalia President vows to ‘eliminate terrorists’ after deadly attackSomalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has vowed to fight ‘’terrorists until completely eliminated’’, after a deadly attack on a Mogadishu hotel claiming the lives of more than 12 people.
The President condemned the attack which was carried out by the extremist group al-Shabaab.
In a Press statement, Mr Mohamoud said that the attack will not have an influence on the government’s plans and duties. He called for the Somali people to support the government on its campaign against the ‘’terrorists’’.
‘’ We will continue fighting terrorism until we completely eliminate it. I am sure this attack proves the hypocrisy of the terrorist group who claim to be acting in the name of religion, while carrying out acts that are completely un-Islamic.
‘’Our religion stands for peace. There is no single verse in our Qu’ran that allows killing innocent people, such as happened today. National security forces, in collaboration with AMISOM and the people will never stop until stability, law and order are fully restored to Somalia,’’ he said.
The attack happened while government officials were getting ready to attend the Friday prayers. A minister, three members of the Parliament, Politicians and Soldiers died, while more than 20 people including the Deputy Prime Minister were left injured.
Similarly, the International community and the entire Somali community have condemned the brutal attack.
UN special envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay said despite the attack, the International community will continue its support towards the Somali people.
“We remain resolute in our support for the Somali people. Despite such inhuman atrocities, Somalis are successfully rebuilding their government institutions and security forces after more than two decades of state failure and conflict. The United Nations in Somalia will continue to work to help Somalis realise their hopes and aspirations for a peaceful and stable future.”
The latest deadly attacks comes while the security officials launched massive operations in the capital following a week of assassinations on government officials.
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