Somalia: Puntland and Jubaland sign historic cooperation agreement

Published: March 7, 2015

Puntland and Jubaland Regional administrations of Puntland and Jubaland have signed an historic bilateral agreement which will see both sides have cooperation in fields of economic, security and politics.
The signing of the agreement came days after talks between leaders from both sides who met in the port town of Kismayo. President Abdiweli Gaas of Puntland and Ahmed Madobe of Jubaland discussed the current situation in the country on areas of Politics and security.
The agreement which was disclosed to the media comprises up to 15 points.
One point suggested for the ‘’implementation of Federalism’’ in the country while following the necessary steps ‘’stated in the constitution’’. They also called for the ‘’implementation of the new deal 2016 goals’’ such as holding national elections across the country.
Both sides will support each other in the fight against ‘’terrorists’ that are a threat to the regions’ stability. Puntland will help Jubaland on training Police forces which will receive training the Police academy of Armo district.
Puntland played a significant role in the formation of Jubaland state which was created in May 2013.
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