Somalia: Puntland and FAO launch a new safe database for Somali Fishermen

Published: March 27, 2014
Somalia: Puntland and FAO launch a new database system for Somali Fishermen
Puntland leader (m), with Officials from FAO and EU

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali met officials from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and European Union on Wednesday evening on an EU Naval Force warship that docked near Bosaso Port.

During the meeting, a new database system was introduced for the first time which will improve the Somali fishermen who carry out their activities in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

FAO representative to Somalia Luca Alinov said that this new database will enable fishermen to easily conduct their activities and keep them safe.

“This country has the longest coast in continental Africa and is one of the richest in fisheries resources; that is why I am pleased today that we, by developing this database, are helping Somali fishermen get back into business at sea with few hindrances,” said FAO head Luca Alinovi.

According to the New York Anti-piracy Trust fund, over 3100 fishermen are believed to have been registered in the past 12 months by using a biometrics system differentiates the identities of the individuals.

On his side, Puntland President hailed the new launching, adding that will be easier for the anti-piracy forces to ‘’distinguish’’ the fishermen and pirates.

“Not everyone at sea is a pirate and not everyone at sea is a fisherman that is why this database that will help us to distinguish pirates from fishermen is important for all of us,” said President Abdiweli.

Somali Fishermen have been facing problems from Western warships patrolling the region that mistake them at times as Pirates and end up opening fire at their boats.

Meanwhile, the Puntland leader also met a delegation led by the EU Envoy to Somalia Michele Cervone d’Uso in which both sides discussed on ways the European Union can assist the new government in various fields.

A spokesman from the Puntland Government told the reporters that European Union Officials accepted to help Puntland in its combat against Piracy, terrorism and illegal fishing.

Last week, a group of fishermen from the Bari region announced that they quit job after facing threats from illegal foreign fishing vessels, which have been plundering the Somali Sea resources since the Central Government of the war-ravaged country was overthrown in 1991.

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