Somalia: Puntland forces kill 16 ‘militants’ in raid

Published: February 14, 2015

Puntland security forces
Puntland security forces

Puntland security forces attacked al-Shabaab targets, killing at least 16 militants in the mountainous area of Galgala where the army is trying to uproot the terror group, an official has said.
Minister of security of the semi-autonomous region, Hassan Osman Alore, told journalists on Saturday that the forces raided al-Shabaab hideouts in the area on Friday.
The attack took place in Madarshoon village which is some 20KM from Galgala, a former base of the militants but overtaken by the Puntland forces last year after a deadly battle.
‘’ Our forces killed 16 militants and wounded another 26 during the operation. They abducted local residents,’’ he said.
Mr Alore added that two Puntland soldiers were killed and another six wounded during the raid.
The war between Puntland and al-Shabaab linked militants started in 2010, dozens from both sides died since when and displacement of hundreds of families. Al-Shabab officials have in several occasions threatened to carry out attacks in the region which has seen relative security since the civil war broke out in the country 1991.
Puntland has long accused neighbouring breakaway region of Somaliland for arming and providing safe havens for the militants.
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