SOMALIA: Puntland Government recognizes illegal fishing as a National Disaster

Published: June 2, 2014

SOMALIA: Puntland Government recognizes illegal fishing as a National Distater
President of Puntland Dr.Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas said that starting from this month June 2014, his government will recognize the illegal fishing as a national disaster.

The illegal fishing is a global problem and pose a major disaster to many countries including Somalia, says Dr.Gaas. The illegal fishing industry is now estimated to value 4-9 billion U.S. dollars a year. The Sub Saharan countries including Somalia loose around 1 billion dollars to illegal fishing every year.

Also the illegal fishing vessels vandalize the equipments of local fishermen and fish wasting have a great impact on fishing communities in Somalia, says the Puntland President.

“…Having considered the recommendations of the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources, When I saw the coastal areas and the problems caused by the illegal fishing, Having considered the complaints and the requests from the coastal communities and organizations involved in environmental conservation, When I saw the resolutions and international agreements concerning the fight against illegal fishing, I decided to recognize starting from (01/06/2014 ), that illegal fishing is a National disaster and it needs to be stopped…” said President Gaas in his press conference held at the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources in the coastal city of Bosaso.

Furthermore the President of Puntland said “…I call on the Puntland authority and the society to fight against the illegal fishing, anyone who is involved in illegal fishing in Puntland waters will be brought to justice both Somalis and foreigners…” He added “…We ask the international community and the Friends of Somalia to assist us in the fight against the illegal fishing…”

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