Somalia: Residents Protest against AU Peacekeepers

Published: October 19, 2014

ALeqM5jGlsRoo6jiET9rPOnf1vrdRuru0AHundreds of residents on Sunday staged a protest in the town of Beled-weyne district, Central Somalia, against the Djibouti Peacekeepers who are part of the African Union mission.

The angry protesters accused AMISOM soldiers of killing innocent civilians during operations in an area close to the district.

But AMISOM said in a Press release that its forces came under attack by armed militia as they were en route to another district where a heavy clan fighting had occurred.

Several people were injured during the protests that caused the closure of many shops.

African Union special envoy to Somalia ambassador Mamadou Sidikou called for the residents to calm down.

“I am deeply saddened to hear of this clash in the Hiiran region. I wish to request for calm and restraint and hereby plead with the people of Hiiraan to choose peace and avoid any further conflict in Deefow and elsewhere. I wish to clarify to the people of Hiiraan – and indeed the whole of Somalia – that AMISOM is non-partisan and does not support any particular group or clan. We are in Somalia to serve all Somali people and support their government to achieve lasting peace,” he said in a Press statement.

Djibouti is one of the countries that have contributed troops to the African Union mission in Somalia with more than 800 troops.

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