Somalia: Somali Parliament Condemns Eastleigh Operations

Published: April 5, 2014
Somalia: Somali Parliament Condemns Eastleigh Operations
Somali Parliament members

The Somali Federal Parliament has condemned the on-going Eastleigh crackdown carried by the Kenyan Police forces which has seen many Somali refugees arrested and harassed.

Deputy Head of the Human rights Committee of the Parliament, Muse Sheikh Omar has called on Kenyan authorities to protect the rights of the Somalis.

‘’ We are urging the Kenyan government to protect the rights of the Somali refugees and not to discriminate them. Not all aliens are terrorists,’’ he said.

The operations came after a hand grenade was thrown in a Restaurant located in Eastleigh last week, leaving at least six Kenyans dead and several others injured.

More than 650 people have reportedly been arrested by the Security forces. Kenyan Officers ask for bribes in return for freedom.

The ones who are unable to pay the demands of the Police Officers remain in jail.

Hon Aden Barre Duale, the majority leader of Kenya National Assembly called on Somalis not to pray ‘’bribes’’ demanded by the police and widely criticized the Kenyan Police for harassing innocent Somali refugees.

Human rights organizations have accused Kenyan Police ‘’routinely abuse men, women, and children fleeing violence from their country and demand bribes to allow them to reach the safety of refugee camps’’.

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