Somalia Telecom operators activate interconnections

Published: March 28, 2023

A total of six Somalian operators completed interconnection between their respective services, a move the country’s regulator expects to provide improved competition and options for consumers.

In a statement, the country’s National Communications Authority highlighted anticipated end-user benefits from the move, which opens the exchange of voice traffic between the players following agreements signed by the six over the last two years.

The regulator’s GM Mustafa Yasin noted previously-signed interconnection agreements between some of the operators in 2000 and 2014 had been abandoned partly due to a lack of regulatory framework.

“We hope this time round it will be successful because we have the tools, such as a communications law that mandates interconnection, regulations, guidelines, and regulatory authority that has the oversight mandate,” he added.

Alongside providing a boost to competition in the market, authorities expect the move to provide lower consumer prices and push network coverage expansion.

The regulator was formed in 2018 following the passing of a new communications law.