Somalia: Three Somali jihadists fighting for ISIS killed in Syria

Published: February 3, 2015

Somalia: Three Somali jihadists fighting for ISIS killed in SyriaThree Somali jihadists have died while fighting for the radical militant group ISIS,  relatives and close friends in Sweden where they lived have said.
The three youths who were holding Swedish-citizenship, are understood to have been killed alongside during fierce clashes in the Syrian desert town of Dabiq.
‘’ Someone called us from Syria and told us the names of the three boys that they died without giving us further details,’’ said a close relative who refused to be named for security reasons.
The parents of the boys were left shocked following the news of their deaths.
‘’ No one knew when they left, we just realised when they arrived in Syria and sent mails saying they are joining ISIS,’’ says again the relative.
In recent months, Syria has lured many young Muslim men from abroad who want to join the jihad against the Assad government, which has waged a bloody conflict against its opponents. Many of the foreign fighters are from other parts of the Middle East but some have arrived from the other world.
As many as 20 young Somali boys and girls have left their homes in western countries to join the Islamic state fighters.
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