Somalia to investigate allegations of using children as spies

Published: May 9, 2016

Somalia to investigate allegations of using children as spiesSomalia’s Federal government has announced that it will investigate allegations made against its national security agency of using children who defect from militant groups as spies, Horseed Media reports.
A fact-finding ministerial committee has been formed by the Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid, consisted of:

  1. Minister of Justice – Abdullahi Ahmed Jama
    2. Minister for Internal Affairs and Federal – Adirahman Mohamed Hussein
    3. Minister for Security – Abdirizaq Omar Mohamed
    4. Commander of the Custodial Corps – General Bashir Mohamed Jama

‘’This Committee will look into and investigate allegation weight against the Security Agencies using children who defected from Al Shabab as spies as alleged in some news portals,’’ read a statement from the office of Prime Minister.
US-based Washington post newspaper published a report in which it revealed that children who defect from al-Shabaab are recruited as spies by the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), citing some of the children and both Somali & Western officials in the country.
Horseed Media

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