Somalia to make new laws addressing illegal fishing

Published: March 10, 2015

Somalia to make new laws addressing illegal fishingSomalia has announced that it will form new laws soon for fishing in its waters, in a move to combat illegal fishing, a Minister has revealed.
For decades, foreign trawlers from Europe and other parts of the world have traveled to Somalia waters to take what they can without permission or licenses. They use efficient mechanical equipment, taking massive numbers of fish stocks. It is estimated that Somalia looses more than $200 million per year because of these foreign trawlers.
Somalia’s minister of Fisheries and Marine resources, Mohamed Omar said they will make new international licenses which will help the government to fight against the illegal fishing.
‘’ The new policy is under progress and soon will be taken to the Parliament for endorsement. We can’t let our resources to be stolen anymore illegally…. We will fight against this trawlers,’’ said the minister.
Local Fishermen have continuously complained about foreign trawlers who are doing the illegal fishing and dumping waste. Some fishermen have gone missing while others are tortured by the trawlers who at times spray boiling water from cannons.
The waters off Somalia are among the most heavily fished in the world and the irresponsible approach to fishing there is heavily criticized.
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