Somalia to recruit women officers in the Justice Department for first time

Published: March 9, 2015

Attorney General of Somalia
Attorney General of Somalia

In a rare move undertaken for women empowerment, Somalia authorities will start recruiting females in the Justice department for the first time in many years, a top judge has revealed.
The Attorney General of Somalia Ahmed Ali Dahir announced while addressing a crowd of women in Mogadishu while celebrating the International women’s day that women will be appointed in several key positions of the Justice institutions.
“Women have played a key role in the revolution and development of various sectors of life, so this is the time for the educated girls to have a role in the justice department,’’ said the Attorney General.
For many decades, Somali women have had a very limited representation in the government institutions and Parliament.
‘’ Soon you will see women holding positions such as judges, prosecutors in our justice institutions,’’ he added.
Mr Dahir encouraged the Somali women to come forward and play their due role in the practical field.
Earlier, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud stressed that his government will continue to take effective steps for the development of women and providing their rights.
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