Somalia town bans full-face veil for security reasons

Published: December 26, 2015

Somalia town bans full-face veil for security reasonsAuthorities in the Southern town of Jowhar in Somalia’s Middle Shebelle region have banned the wearing of Islamic veils, such as burqas and niqabs in public places, citing security concerns.
Spokesman of the regional administration, Abdikarim Omar Moalim, said the decision was a question of security and designed to prevent terrorists from using the burqa as a disguise.
‘’This measure has been taken because of security reasons and all residents are requested to adhere it,’’ he said.
Authorities have not prohibited the wearing of veils that do not cover the face was not restricted, he said.
The regional administration has also banned motorbikes famously known as bajaj at night which are part of the public transport.
However, the move to ban burqa comes as the town prepares to host a conference which is aimed to form a new Federal state.
In the past, al-Shabaab militants used suicide bombers hiding their explosives beneath loose clothing to carry out scores of attacks.
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