Somalia’s move to cut diplomatic ties with Iran economically motivated – MP

Published: February 2, 2016

Somalia’s move to cut diplomatic ties with Iran economically motivated - MPA member of Somalia Federal Parliament has criticized the move of the government to severe relations with Iran last month, Horseed Media reports.
In an interview, MP Ahmed Aabi Aden pointed out that the decision was an unwise action conducted through an ”incorrect method” by the top officials of the Federal government.
“Regardless of its cause, it is clear that the top leaders did this for economic reasons and it is not about the reasons they have mentioned which are too unrealistic.
‘’They want to find a source to finance their re-election campaigns this year and it was the closest,’’ he said.
There is a hot debate over Somali government’s decision cutting diplomatic ties with Iran is support of diplomatic conventions. Many have accused Mogadishu of allying with Riyadh against Tehran.
Somali government officials accused the Iranian embassy in Mogadishu of being involved in the spread of shi’ism ideology in the Sunni nation.
According to a report published by Reuters news agency, the Federal government of Somalia received a pledge of aid for $50 million from Saudi Arabia on the same day it announced it was cutting ties with Saudi last month. Since it was revealed, government officials have not denied nor admitted.
Iran was one of the countries reopened their embassy in Somalia after two decades of civil war in 2012. It was also one of the countries that offered humanitarian assistance at the height of famine that struck Somalia and the rest of the Horn of Africa region in 2011 following a drought, the most severe in 60 years.
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