Somalia’s new cabinet wins Parliament approval

Published: February 9, 2015

The new cabinet lineup were present during the Parliament session
The new cabinet lineup were present during the Parliament session

Somalia’s parliament has approved the government of Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid with a comfortable majority following weeks of Political bickering on its formation.
More than 210 lawmakers attended the parliament session and the vote by show of hands suggested a large majority approved the 66-member government.
191 MPs voted in favour of the new government while 22 rejected.
Prime Minister Sharmarke presented his programme to Parliament before the proceeding of vote for confidence, promising to work on the country’s goals.
His cabinet was twice opposed by the members of Somali Federal parliament, accusing some of its members ‘’incompetence’’ and involved in previous political wrangles between the President and former Prime Ministers who were forced to step down.
The new lineup is dominated by newcomers and lived abroad for decades. The main challenges they are facing is the 2016 vision of holding free and fair elections which many analysts believe is almost ‘’impossible’’ due to the period of time remaining and tasks to be accomplished.
Since last year October, there was no an existing government in Somalia following the disagreement of President Mohamoud and former Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed on cabinet reshuffling that affected one of the close aides of the President.
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