UGANDA-SOMALIA: Uganda increases its force in Somalia

Published: December 24, 2010

The Uganda government has again promised sending one battalion of its troops to Mogadishu to join with the AU peacekeeping Mission in Somalia-(AMISOM).
About 1,800 fresh troops are expected to deploy to Mogadishu to help and fight along side with the AU force in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, president Yoweri Museveni noted on Tuesday.
The Uganda president Yoweri Museveni has visited on Tuesday at the Singo, one of the Military camps in Uganda as he underlined that Uganda is ready to increase for its troops in Somalia, by adding 1,800 fresh forces.
The AU soldiers from Uganda and Burundi, has been the only thing preventing al-Shabaab insurgents from seizing the presidential palace and spreading its power throughout the South of Somalia.
The Museveni’s announcement comes as the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution authorizing to increase of African Union peacekeeping force to Somalia by 12, 000 troops.
By Mohamed Odowa
Horseed -Media

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