UN and US Envoys urge Somalia lawmakers to approve New Cabinet

Published: January 29, 2015

The United Nations and U.S. representatives to Somalia have urged the members of the Somali Federal Parliament to unconditionally approve the newly appointed cabinet on Thursday.

The U.S. envoy James P.Mcanulty
The U.S. envoy James P.Mcanulty

The proposed new cabinet was unveiled on January 27, after weeks of wrangling on who should populate the line-up. The cabinet is dominated by newcomers who have not served in the government.
In a Press statement, the U.S. Special Representative for Somalia James P.McAnulty urged the stakeholders to put aside on the Political differences and focus on reaching the 2016 goals.
“The United States welcomes the announcement of a new proposed Cabinet.  This is a crucial first step towards establishing a new Government tasked with the enormous responsibility of realizing important peacebuilding, governance, and security goals by 2016.  This is the time to leave politics aside and focus on the well-being of the nation,” he said.
Meanwhile, the UN special envoy Nicolas Kay reminded the Parliamentarians their crucial role on the country’s development and stability. He added that ‘’ much remains to be done’’ to accomplish the 2016 vision.
UN envoy Mr Nicholas Kay
UN envoy Mr Nicholas Kay

‘’The Federal Parliament has an important and urgent role to play in passing key legislation and establishing the remaining independent commissions foreseen in the provisional constitution, particularly the National Independent Electoral Commission. A spirit of compromise and reconciliation will be needed in the days and months to come. The United Nations is committed to supporting state and peacebuilding in Somalia,’’ said Mr Kay in a statement.
It has not been declared when the new lineup will be introduced to the parliament. None of the Somalia MPs have managed to gain a position in the new cabinet which contains 20 ministries. The deputy ministries and state ministers will be named in the upcoming weeks, according to officials from the Prime Minister’s office.
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