Boy and girl die after mother locks her five kids in cupboard

Published: September 23, 2010

Ebyan Farah (AP Photo/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department via The Indianapolis Star)
Two children have died after their mother allegedly left them crammed in a wardrobe for more than 10 hours. Ebyan Farah, 28, is accused of shutting all five of her children into the closet and wedging a bed against the front. It is claimed she left the infants, aged from one to seven years, in there so she could visit a friend.
When she returned home she opened the 6ft by 18in cupboard to find her fiveyear-old daughter Zuhur and three-year- old son Zakariya “stiff and unresponsive”.
She told police she carried them downstairs but did not call for help or try to revive them herself. Four hours later, a family friend grew concerned when Farah refused to let anyone into the apartment in Indianapolis, USA.
The friend called Farah’s uncle to the apartment complex. He looked through the door and saw what appeared to be a dead child on the sofa. It is claimed when he tried to call the emergency services, Farah grabbed the phone from his hands and threw it away.
He then pinned her down as the family friend retrieved the phone and called for help on Sunday.
Farah has been charged with neglect resulting in her children’s deaths but she has told police she was “not in her right mind” at the time of the tragedy. An autopsy did not conclude how the two children died.
Police and neighbours said they appeared malnourished but a coroner has said that, while the two children were thin, she did not consider them to be emaciated.
Hussein Adam, a cousin of the children’s father, said the family had emigrated from Somalia about a decade ago.
He said Farah’s husband had returned there several weeks ago to visit his parents, but was en route back to America.
As a single rose lay at the door of the flat at Manchester Village Apartments, Lt Jeff Duhamell said the three surviving children – a sevenyear-old girl and boys aged five and one – were now in foster care.
“It’s just a very, very sad case,” he said. “It’s one of the worst ones I’ve seen – to be placed in a closet approximately 18in by 6ft and a bed pushed up against it for a minimum of ten hours.
“We think possibly it was a lot longer and probably not for the first time.”
Farah was due to appear in court yesterday.
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