Iconic women the history won’t forget you (Saado Ali Warsame)

Published: July 27, 2014

Sado1Saado was born in northern Somalia a small village near Buuhoodle called Xadhxadhanka. Saado Ali later moved to the capital city Mogadishu. It was in 1973 when Saados life would change, one day when Saado was at her family home in Mogadishu a family friend and a member of the musical theater company Waberi visited them Saied Salah. Saied heard young Saado singing and he was surprised by the young girl’s amazing voice. Saied asked her if she wanted to join the Waberi musical/theater company and Saado instantly answered yes.

The first play Saado got a part in was the play known as Tusmo and Tawawaac she got the lead role unfortunately the play got cancelled and it never made it to the stage. During the rehearsals of the play Tusmo and Tawawac Saado Ali met co- star Muse Ismail Qalinle who asked her if she would star against him in the play called Laba isdhinacyaalla Dhaayahaaga ku Fiirsi. Saado answered yes to Qalinles offer and in 1974 Saado stepped on the stage and she was introduced to the Somali people, the play became very popular and overnight a new Somali star was born.

The first hit song Saado sang is the song we all know and love Cuunabi it was a part of the play Laba isdhinacyaalla Dhaayaaga Ku Fiirsi. Saado later had roles in many known Somali plays, but it was in early 80’s when Saados artistic talents would put her on the map as political activist and human rights fighter. During the era of Siad Bare the circumstances for the Somali people were hard. Communism was the form of governance in Somalia.

The Somali people did not have the freedom of speech but the genocide of the people of north east Somalia sparkled a poetic revolution many poets in Somali spoke out about the injustice of the government through poetry this became a popular movement later on.

Saado Ali was among the poets who started the poetic revolution known as Deelay Saado has two known poems from the Deelay movement called Kaa Qaad Qadirku and Diwaanku Ha ii dhigoo. When the Somali government found out about the poetry movement they arrested Saado Ali and she was sentenced to death by the Somali government. Saado escaped the death sentence Allah had a different faith in mind for her the Somali government never went through with it. Saado served 6 months in jail for the poems she released about the Somali injustice.

In the late 1980’s Saado realsed the song written by Cabdimuximid Amin Land cruiser gado this song was about the poverty the Somali people lived in while the government and its officials relished in wealth. The government again arrested Saado for this song. During the interrogation down at the Police station Saado asked for a glass of water the officer answered that they didn’t have any water Saado then asked if he could turn on the air conditioner in the police station the officer answered again we are without electricity there for we can’t put on the air conditioner.

Saado looked at the officer and said well I don’t understand why you have arrested me my song is describing just this that the government is putting the tax payer’s money in their own pockets and the country and its people are suffering. The officer didn’t answer Saado he stopped the interrogation and threw her in a jail cell. This woman in my eyes and in my heart is a true heroine.

Her bravery is unexplainable and immeasurable she was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a singer, actress and an inspiration to all Somalis. I am sad to see the way she was killed she deserved more from us as her fellow countrymen. This incredible woman died the ugliest way a human being could ever die all she ever did was stand up for justice. Let’s not forget the injustice that happened to Saado Ali let’s not forgive the injustice that happened to Saado Ali. The Somali people need to live in Saado Alis spirit and stop the evilness among us and the people who are tearing us apart.

Some of her famous songs about peace & justice.

1-Land Cruiser gado
2-Libdhimaysid Laasanod
3-Dhawaq(Dhamad Reer Woqoyi Awaay)
4-Dalkayga Wan Jacelahay
6-Ii Tali Ku Talin Mayo

Allahu U Naxaristo
By Leila Ali