Improved political relations between the FGS and Federal Member States is crucial to the stability of Somalia

Published: November 22, 2019

To focus on improving governance and state-building of Somalia’s weak state institutions, there must be sustainable political agreements and strong relations among FGS (Federal Government of Somalia) and FMSs (Federal Member States)

With the exception of Hir-Shabelle State and South West State, relations between the FGS and FMS couldn’t be more strained and poses the risk of a broader conflict and regression. The skirmishes in Galmudug, the FGS’ insistence of annulling Jubbaland’s presidential election and lately the kerfuffle and unrest in Garowe’s parliamentary building which unfortunately led to casualties and the subsequent replacement of the parliamentary speaker of Puntland. All these incidents are allegedly attributed to President and/or the PM of the FGS by some of the leaders of the FMSs. This stalemate seems to have no end in sight. Its impact is profoundly affecting the essential tasks which is to lay the foundations for full recovery. Resources, energy and time meant for such crises seem to be diverted to squabbles, bickering and even sometimes to political subversion.

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