Italy donates armoured vehicles to Somalia's army

Published: March 5, 2015

Part of the 54 military trucks donated to the Somalia army
Part of the 54 military trucks donated to the Somali army

The government of Italy has donated 54-military trucks to the Somali National Army SNA as part of assistance in rebuilding the army of the war-ravaged nation.
Somali Army Chief General Dahir Adan received the aid on Thursday in Mogadishu seaport after being delivered by a ship. Among other equipment are armoured vehicles.
Maj. Gen Esercito, an official from the Italy army who handled over the equipment told journalists that Italy is committed to continue its support to the Somali government and will take part in the process of rebuilding the country’s army.
General Dahir Adan thanked the Italian government for the donation of the equipment and praised its efforts towards stabilising Somalia.

Italy has been one of seveal European nations donating various military equipment and training the Somali army over the years.
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