Kenya MPs rejects funding for border wall with Somalia

Published: March 14, 2019

Kenyan parliament decline Kenya-Somali boarder.

Kenyan parliament declined President Kenyatta’s initiative of a boarder wall along Somalia.

The Kenyan parliament droped the governments bid to pass the border initiative this morning. The government has put in place sh 3.5M to restart the project.

Building the 700 kilometers Kenya-Somali boarder wall started back then in the year 2013. The project stopped many times due to lack of commitment.

The government of Kenya paused plans of building the border wall at the beginning of last year.

This came short after Mandera governors (Kenya) Ali Roba and Gedo region (Somalia) Governor met.

The parliament of Kenya declined funding of the long boarder that was set to separate the two sides.

Members of the Kenyan parliament asked the government to alternatively fund the war against Al-Shabaab.

Kenya and Somalia are currently at loggerheads on maritime border that is yet to be determined at the international court.

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