Objection of a concession agreement between your Dp World and Puntland State of Somalia.

Published: September 3, 2017

Dear Sheikh Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayen (Chairman of P&O Ports/DP World),
This message carries an attachment regarding objection of a concession agreement between your company and government of Puntland State of Somalia.This agreement has triggered resentment among the inhabitants of historic quarters of the city caused by the proposed demolition of the historic sites of the city.  For your information, there is a clan who owns the historic landmarks of the city such as old fortresses, castles, mosques, shops and houses. The clan wants to preserve as a heritage and they don’t want to see their old historic quarter of Bosaso bulldozed. This is a matter of an identity and therefore is extremely important for them.985*
The attached letter explains reasons for the objection of the demolition of the heritage sites of the old quarters of the city. It also proposes alternative port design thus avoiding demolition of the old city.
The letter also brings to your attention that there is a standoff between the owners of the old city and the government of Puntland state of Somalia.  The government wants to demolish the historic sites and the residents are determined to oppose the government. This is a dangerous situation developing and unfortunately this might lead to a bloody confrontation and has the potential to derail the whole project.
I am kindly requesting you to read the document and respond most urgently.
Click here Reading Documents Bosaso Port Expansion Project
Yours Sincerely,
Khadar Abdi Haji Mire
(Contact person representing Old Bosaso City Elders & Intellectuals Committee)
Tel: +252907728143

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