Over 1200 Somali returnees arrive in Northern Somalia

Published: July 21, 2015

Over 1200 Somali returnees arrive in Northern SomaliaA Ship carrying more than 1200 Somali returnees running away from the deteriorating violence in Yemen arrived in the port town of Berbera, in Northern Somalia.
Officials in the breakaway region of Somaliland have told the media that 1238 Somali nationals arrived on Monday afternoon and were transferred to makeshift camps.
A boat journey from Yemen to the port towns of Bossaso and Berbera in Northern Somalia roughly takes 12-hours, crossing the dangerous red sea.
An estimated 9000-plus refugees have arrived in the port town of Berbera since 1st of April when the conflict erupted in the impoverished middle-eastern country.
In May, Somaliland authorities controversially declared that they will not receive refugees of Somali identity in their regions, a move that sent shock waves.
Following huge criticism from local residents and human rights activists, the self-declared state was forced to make a U-turn from the decision.
The conflict in Yemen had not only had an impact on Yemeni nationals, but also on the thousands of Somali immigrants who have went there to work, study or live or pass through to reach another destination.
More than 20,000 Somalis have managed to escape the violence since April, according to government and International organization statistics.
Back in Yemen, Tens of thousands of Somali citizens are still stuck in the violence, many in conflict-zones.
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