Somali forces destroy Al-Shabaab bases in southern Somalia

Published: February 16, 2018

MOGADISHU- Somali forces backed by African Union forces destroyed Al-Shabaab bases in the Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia, the military said.
Lower Shabelle region military commander Ibrahim Aden Najah told journalists on Thursday that the forces raided the bases in Kurtunwarey and destroyed the bases used by the militants to attack Somali and Amisom forces.
The military officer said the forces were going on with operations in the regions to flush out the militants. Lower Shabelle region remains one of the strongholds of Al-Shabaab.
“We will not relent until we kick out all Al-Shabaab in the region,” added Najah.
Security forces Tuesday also destroyed explosives in Lower Shabelle region suspected to have been destined for the capital Mogadishu. They also destroyed an FM station run by Al-Shabaab.
The allied forces have ramped up offensives against the militants as the African Union forces continue with the draw-down which started with 500 troops last December.

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