Somali Government condemns strongly today's Suicide Bombers Attack in Mogadishu Airport.

Published: September 9, 2010

Minister of Information Abdirahman Omar Osman
Two vehicles approached the gate at Mogadishu Airport. The first exploded at the gate, while 4 suicide bombers got out from the second vehicle and opened fire indiscriminately and forced their way in and they later exploded themselves by the second gate. None of the suicide bombers gained access into the airport buildings.
Two AMISOM Soldiers and 3 civilians lost their lives during this attack. 1 Somali police forces received minor injury. 3 AMISOM soldiers were wounded.
The Minister of Information said Abdirahman Omar Osman: “Somali Government bitterly regret the sad loss of 3 civilians and 2 AMISOM soldiers in today’s suicide bombers attack in Mogadishu airport. The Government would wish to offer its sincere condolences to the families of the civilians and the soldiers concerned, and hope that the injured soldiers recover soon. We greatly appreciate the support and sometimes the sacrifice of every African Union soldier who comes to Somalia to help us.
“The professionalism of these soldiers and the excellent job they are doing with our own forces that have left the terrorists with no option but to attack soft targets. The Government and AMISOM forces have retained an effective calm control over the city despite Al-Shabab’s continuous offensive.
“Al-Shabab has ignored the President’s plea to allow the people of Mogadishu to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in peace. They have deliberately triggered violence across the city, killing and injuring civilians and soldiers alike. They offer nothing but terror, intimidation and the defiling of our culture.”
Ministry of Information, Mogadishu

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