SOMALIA: 17 al-Shabaab terrorists killed in new operation

Published: October 27, 2022

The Somali intelligence, backed by international partners, killed 17 al-Shaabab terrorists in a new operation, authorities said on Wednesday.

The operation took place in the small town of Hawadley, 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of the capital Mogadishu, on Tuesday night, according to the Information Ministry.

“The operation was conducted by the national intelligence agency along with international partners. Terrorists who gathered in an area under Hawadley were targated and 17 conspirators were killed,” the ministry said in a statement.

Several senior members of al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group, were among those killed in the operation, the statement added.

The Somali military continues its operations against the terrorist with support of locals and 150 terrorists have been killed in recent operations, the ministry said.

The military intensifies its operations against terror group in central regions, including the Middle Shabelle and Hiran regions.

Somalia has been grappling with security threats for years, with al-Shabaab being one of the main ones in the country.

Since at least 2007, al-Shabaab has waged a deadly campaign against the Somali government and international forces that has claimed thousands of lives.

The UN has warned of growing instability in the country, with its periodic reports on Somalia this year detailing attacks by al-Shabaab and groups aligned with the Daesh/ISIS terror group.

At least 1,242 civilians were killed in terrorist attacks in Somalia in 2018-2019, while 1,735 were injured, according to the UN in Somalia.